Why Listen Live?

I’m glad you asked! :D

While podcasting and computer-driven radio stations are both efficient ways to deliver pre-packaged content, both mediums lack one of the most fundamental aspects of classic broadcasting… Real-time interaction.  Project Friday aims to break the mould of modern, technology driven content delivery and take you back to a time when you could call the local radio station and request a song on the air, have the DJ give you a shout out or win the call-in contest.  Project Friday is the delicate balance between modern content delivery and a 1980s primetime radio show.

Project Friday is and always will be a live experience.

Here are some reasons to tune in live:

  1. Where else can you hear a live radio broadcast straight out of the 80s?
  2. If you’re not in the chat room during the show, trust me, you’re missing out on at least 50% of the entertainment value.  Being able to listen live and interact with others creates a party atmosphere that is unique to Project Friday.
  3. I take requests, and usually send the song out to the requester.  It’s fun to hear your name on the radio!
  4. The podcast will be delayed two to three weeks after the live broadcast.  If you want to hear songs before anyone else, you need to tune in live.
  5. Only the first two hours make it to the podcast, while the live show can go as long as 4 hours!
  6. The live audience affects the direction the show takes.  While I usually have the first two hours programmed, in hour 3 I may go off on any number of tangents based on audience interaction.

So why make the show available as a podcast?

Another excellent question!  Much to my delight, Project Friday has become quite popular among fans of 80s-inspired music.  This had lead to numerous requests to make the show available as a podcast from people who due to their timezones, work schedules and other factors out of their control are not able to tune in live.  I am making the show available as a podcast for people who fall into this category, although I encourage those folks to get new jobs and/or move to a new timezone.  :)