Project Friday Format

Project Friday follows a similar format most weeks. Typically, I start the show with the newest Chillwave stuff for the first half hour, this is likely when Robots with Rayguns invades the show or Mitch Murder slays us with his FM synthesis light saber. Other artists you might hear during this segment include Pilotpriest, Com Truise, Traxx, Photosynthesi, Luxury Elite, etc.

Synthwave takes control during the second half of the first hour. Superstar Patrick Baker might take time off of his Tigerbeat photoshoot to grace our presence. You’re also likely to hear from Miami Nights 1984, Lazerhawk, Dynatron, Stardone, Ghosthouse, Tommy, Sunglasses Kid, Let Em Riot, Visitor or Le Cassette, just to name a few.

At the top of the hour, I play the Kick Ass Tune of the Week. Typically, this highly regarded honor is reserved for my absolute favorite song that I’ve discovered during the previous 7 days. More often than not, the Kick Ass Tune of the Week is a high-energy dance song. I usually recognize the Kick Ass Tune of the Week within the first 5 or so seconds of my first listen.

The second hour is usually higher energy dance tunes. This is likely when the newest not-coming-out-for-3-months Final DJs jam that Basti has sent me will be played. You also may hear from Televisor, Anthony Atcherly, Worship, Betamaxx, Alan Braxe, Majestique, Yuksek, Alex Metric or any number of countless other artists. Basically, anybody who can make my white ass dance.

The third hour is when things really start getting exciting. It’s anybody’s guess what you’ll hear in the third hour. You could hear anything from ABBA to Anthrax; from Weezer to Warrant. The third hour and beyond is not available in the podcast and is reserved for live listeners only.