Project Friday – Episode 94 – Jan 31, 2014


Original air date: Jan 31, 2014 – Project Friday goes live at 9:00pm Friday Eastern US Time / Saturday 1:00am GMT

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Project Friday Intro
Luxury Elite – Satisfying
Com Truise – Subsonic
Amazing Police – Sustainer Cassette, Electric
Mogi Grumbles – A-Number-1
Pompeya – 90 (Navigateur Remix)
Timecop1983 – Fading Memories
Mosaik – Heart Racer (feat. Maria Seger)
Dana Jean Phoenix – I’m Still Here (California)
Flash Arnold – The Outbreak
Makeup and Vanity Set – Search the Night
Action Jackson – United Staates
Quixotic – Palms
Mosaik – Sky Fighter
Frederick Scott – This Is A Trent Reznor Song
Kick Ass Tune of the Week – Rain Sword – Dance All Night
Dana Jean Phoenix – You’re Not Alone (feat. Sunglasses Kid)
Dana Jean Phoenix – Morning Breeze (feat. AKA Hands Down)
Arc Neon – Heat Of The Night (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
Rogue Vogue feat. Patrick Baker – Until The Dawn (Cyclist Remix)
Mosaik – Rhino Runner
Pompeya – Yahtbmf (Poko Cox Remix)
Hot Hot Hawk – Space Traveler (feat. Pasha)
Groove Theory – Tell Me (Coral Castle Remix)
Sychu & Eternal Sunset – Old Times
RF Extreme – A Time To Remember
LA Dreams – Ready to Rumble
Mitch Murder – Just Till Midnight (feat. Miranda Carey)
Tits & Clits – Ready for Me
Cluster Buster – Shop till You Drop, Dead!

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