Project Friday – Episode 76 – June 14, 2013


Original air date: June 14, 2013 – Project Friday goes live at 9:00pm Friday Eastern US Time – Saturday 1:00am GMT


Project Friday Intro
Principles of Geometry – Thank You for the Radio
Perturbator – Meet Jimmy (feat. Le Cassette)
Silent Gloves – Intruders [Exclusive]
Mega Drive – Dataline
Amazing Police – Feel That Promise
Highway Superstar – Easy Ride
Mitch Murder – Green Hill Zone Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog Cover)
Riff Raff – Lil Mama I’m Sorry (Mitch Murder Remix) [Exclusive]
Le Cassette – Tonight
Low Tide Theory – Big Sky
FM Attack – A Million Miles Away
Who Ha – Out Running
Sferro & Tommy – Matters of the Heart
RUFUS – Take Me (Cassian Remix)
Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Patrick Baker Vocal Edit) [Exclusive]
Kick Ass Tune of the Week – Bestrack – Don’t Quit
Poko Cox – Electricity
Till Wild feat. Dana Jean Phoenix – Neon Daydreams
Bestrack – Party Down
Lifelike & Tommi Bravo – Urban Sex (Original Mix)
Saint Pepsi – Cherry Pepsi
Foxe Basin – These Eyes Are Open (Moustache Machine Remix)
Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream
Icehouse – One By One
Bestrack – Jaguar
Swagbot – Beast Machine
Like Mowrey feat RF.Extreme – Shape Shift Runner
Sunglasses Kid – Rendez-vous [Exclusive]
The Boy and Sister Alma – Tom’s Cruise (Silent Gloves Remix) [Exclusive]

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