Project Friday – Episode 73 – May 24, 2013


Original air date: May 24, 2013 – Project Friday goes live at 9:00pm Friday Eastern US Time – Saturday 1:00am GMT


Project Friday Intro
Ogre – Exhale
Ogre – All’s Well That Ends Well
The Boy & Sister Alma – Lizard Eyes
LA Dreams – We’re Not Human
Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right (feat. Panda Bear)
Tesla Boy – Broken Doll (feat. Tyson)
Tesla Boy – Undetected
Python Blue – He’s Back
Sunglasses Kid – Dear Diary
Sunglasses Kid – 1980s Summer Romance (Instrumental Version)
Sunglasses Kid – My 80s Romance
Dynatron – On The Edge of Space
The Astral Stereo Project – Antihero
Nite Sprite – Strut
Morgan Page feat. Tegan and Sara – Body Work (LA Synthwave Remix)
Kick Ass Tune of the Week – Tesla Boy – Dream Machine
Sohight & Cheevy – You Never Know
Evelyn Champagne King – Give It Up (Anthony Atcherley Remix)
Dragon Sound – Friends
Agebeat and Kovary – Talk To Me (Final DJs Remix)
Le Matos – Overdog
Le Matos – Montrose
Michael Cassette – Nevermore (Original Mix)
Michael Cassette – Through the Windows (Original Mix)
Worship – Close Encounter
Floria – Luxuria
Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Tommy Remix)
Final DJs – Flash in the Night (Original Mix)

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