Project Friday History

Project Friday was originally conceived in late spring 2008. During that spring, Friday nights were a barren landscape in Dayton, Ohio. Almost every other night of the week was brimming with activities, but not Friday. Friends Steve and John teamed up to create Project Friday, a weekly, open-invitation house party hosted just outside downtown Dayton. We only had one rule; while very close male friends were invited, we were each to only invite ladies we met during the week. Project Friday became something of a local legend that summer, packed with ladies and the soundtrack of what would soon become known as the early pioneers of the Synthwave music scene. Grum, Tesla Boy, Bag Raiders and The Galvatrons were in heavy rotation.

Since Project Friday was largely an outdoor event, when the weather began to cool, the two friends decided to call it quits. Later that year, John moved to a house less conducive to outdoor parties and Project Friday became a memory.

Fast forward to late 2011. I (Steve) had begun producing 80s-inspired music using the alias Silent Gloves. I had become more involved in the Outrun/Sythwave scene, acquainted myself with many of the heavy-hitting producers in the genre and was collecting huge amounts of amazing 80s-inspired dance music, much of which was unreleased or forthcoming. I began looking for a platform from which I could share all this found talent with the general public. I considered a music blog, but lets be honest, that market is somewhat saturated. Then, while browsing youtube one evening, I came across a couple videos about a tiny little Pirate Radio Station in Fargo, ND.

It was an epiphany! How did everyone find music in the 80s? Radio! I had hosted radio programs before, and I’ve been a DJ for my entire adult life. I had the equipment and my Friday nights were free. I set out to create the definitive Friday night party for folks who have an ear for the 80s. A professional Friday night radio show as it would have sounded in the 1980s!

The name of the show carries on the tradition of Project Friday while capturing the spirit of a little Pirate Radio Station in Fargo, ND.

I am now making the show available as a podcast for those whose local timezone prevents them from listening live, but Project Friday will always be a 100% live experience. I encourage you to tune in live, if you can. The show goes live Fridays at 9pm Eastern Time.

Through the generous support of countless producers, Project Friday is slowly becoming the definitive place to hear the forthcoming and cutting-edge music in the Synthwave scene. You’ll hear it hear first, that’s my guarantee to you.

For anyone that’s interested, that little local Pirate station finally got caught by the FCC. However, there is a happy ending! After 14 years of trying, they were granted an FCC license to transmit in the Fargo, ND market. KNNZ FM is now on the air and legal!

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