Artists and Sponsors

Project Friday is actively seeking partners and sponsors to help us offset our production costs (building and maintaining a broadcast-quality radio studio is not an inexpensive endeavor!).  Project Friday reaches over 2000 people per podcast episode over a 6 week period, and those numbers are growing. Our audience is a highly-targeted, informed group of people interested in all things 80s.  We offer several partnership and sponsor packages, outlined below:

Artist Package

Are you an artist seeking to promote an upcoming release?  Perhaps you want to gain more soundcloud followers?  The Artist Package is for you.  As a single-episode sponsor, we will provide a 30-second pre-roll endorsement at the beginning of an episode, and a 30-second mid-roll endorsement.  These endorsements will include all relevant information about you as an artist, relevant release information and where people can find you.  Additionally, a song from your back catalog or release, selected by us, will be featured as the first track of the episode.

Please Note: Project Friday has rigorous standards, only releases of substantial quality will be featured.  We reserve the right to refuse sponsorships if your music is not up to our quality standards.  Our audience comes first, and only the best music can be featured.  If your music is not selected for feature, it simply means that you need to put in a little more time in your craft.  Don’t be offended, I’ve personally been making music for 18 years and have only recently started to listen to my own music.  We’re picky here at Project Friday.

Episode Sponsor – Non-Artist

Do you have a product that would appeal to an audience that’s obsessed with the 80s?  We’d like to hear from you.  We offer pre-roll and mid-roll endorsements for a single episode in this package.  We are interested in quality products or content providers.  Drop us a line, and we’ll speak to you about an individual episode sponsorship.  You can reach us at


Perhaps you have a product that you’d like to put in front of an established audience on a recurring basis?  Or maybe you want to support independent media in order to foster a positive brand identity?  We’re looking for you!  We can put your product in front of a substantial, targeted audience on a weekly basis, and you can have the benefit of gaining recurring exposures over long periods of time by partnering with Project Friday.  Drop us a line at